Kevin And Alexandra | Wedding

REVIEW FOR HEIRLOOM PHOTO COMPANY: The Long Story Written by Alexandra Echelmeier

I’ve always dreamed of my wedding photos. Growing up my grandma had this glorious built-in shelf where she displayed all the family wedding photos. I used to look up at them and admire. I would stare at them, dreaming of my own. My grandma would sometimes catch me staring to which she would then place whatever she was doing on hold and come over to share with me the memories behind the photos. She would create this story that made each and every photo come to life. She would then say that one day, I would have my own wedding photo to look at. Her eyes would soften, twinkle and then she would look off, as though seeing into that very distant but real place in the future where I was the bride. So, for me, wedding photos are the most important piece of the wedding day. Well, after whom I am marrying, of course! I have been super blessed with an incredible and upstanding man, and now I am crazy excited about marrying him and having heirloom photos together! I am so looking forward to placing my own wedding photos on display, maybe even on my very own built-in shelf where my own grandchildren can someday stare and dream. This being said, I figured it was going to be hard to choose a photographer…not because they are difficult to find, but it has to be someone with a unique and genuine perception. Perspective is everything when it comes to photography. Now with Pinterest, there are a million people taking wedding photos, but there is a difference between someone who can put a couple in poses and someone who can actually capture the memory.

When I came across Heirloom Photo Company on Wedding Wire, I knew immediately that I wanted them to do the photos—hands down without any hesitation! However, as a bride-to-be I felt I needed to do my due diligence; so, I spent hours looking at all the options, only to arrive on the same decision. Heirloom Photo Company had a soft, vintage yet vibrant appeal and their photo gallery had more action photos than still, smile at the camera and say, “Cheese!” moments.

My heart smiled as I felt the connection in the photos. They were it!

Kevin and I met with Jen, photographer and co-owner of Heirloom Photo Company, at a little vegan coffee shop in mid-town and immediately were greeted with warmth, kindness and this wonderful person! We were already sold on the photos but to meet someone so genuine and real and to learn she was the heart behind the photos, made even more of a difference. We left the meeting feeling grateful and ecstatic! We looked at each other in the car and both agreed—it was worth the investment. Fast forward to our engagement photos—being a couple that thinks a little outside the box, we adventured with Jen into the most glorious greenhouse and began our engagement photo experience. I say experience because it wasn’t just a “photo shoot”, it was a morning filled of memory making, laughter and plant shopping! Jen clicked away as we did our thing.

When it was all finished, our photos returned to us in a super quick fashion, and they were all GORGEOUS. We had snuggly photos, fun-filled shots and silly “us” moments all captured in hundreds of shots. Truly, among the beautiful leafy plants and the clay pots, our love for one another was evident, real and raw…everything I had dreamed about. Ahhh. These photos are our beginnings and we love them. Kevin and I will be having Heirloom Photo Company come to our little homestead for our elopement and wedding celebration reception this summer.

We are so grateful that they are in the business of capturing heirloom photos to have and to hold and to cherish and display. Jen has already said she is ready to hike, climb & adventure with us in a bit of our wilderness to capture it all with amazing natural lighting and in life documentary styled photos. We can’t wait! As for my grandma, she went home to be with the Lord. But as I reflect on our up-coming wedding day and all the photos to follow, I can see her eyes twinkle and the wrinkles from her smile growing. “You will make a beautiful bride someday Alexandra.”

Krysta And Rob | Wedding

“Where do I even begin? My husband and I have nothing but the kindest words to say about Heirloom! It was literal love at first sight with Rita. So much so that my husband and I immediately canceled our meeting with another photographer two seconds after meeting her. When you know you just know, right? 

We had our Engagement and Wedding Photos captured by Heirloom and will now have all other life events done by them as well (I'm that obsessed)! 

I had a very specific look and feel I was going for with our photos and Rita took it above and beyond my expectations. I love the raw retro feel/look of a photo and she made sure to give me the perfect grit in each of our engagement photos. She is absolutely amazing at making you & your partner feel comfortable the entire time which in turn captures the most perfect lifestyle photos. Oh, and her laugh is contagious - so, that helps with a realistic/perfect laugh face for your photos!

Our wedding day was absolutely made the moment Rita showed up! We were lucky to have her partner Jenn as her sidekick that day and man are they the most dynamic duo! I had multiple guests reach out after the wedding and ask who our photographer was because they wanted to recommend her to a friend. They said they have never seen a more engaged and entertaining photographer at a reception! Our pictures came back and were the perfect mix of everything. She captured each and every moment without anyone having to pose in an awkward prom position and I will cherish them forever. 

Heirloom was the best/easiest decision we had to make the entire wedding process. I love Rita and Jenn so much and you will too, I promise! JUST BOOK THEM ALREADY!” Krysta

Jill and Jeff | Wedding

"Rita was absolutely amazing!!! She captured all the sweetest and most meaningful moments of our special day. Not only is she creative and fun, but she is able to manage a group of people and get pictures taken in a timely manner. Rita took my stress away as a bride because she knew exactly what to do in every situation!! She thinks of the little things that you can't think of especially in the heat of the moment. And the best about Rita is she knows how to calm nerves and create a relaxing enjoyable environment! Thank you Rita!!!" Jill 


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