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“As anyone with a newborn knows, the first few weeks are lived in a blur of exhaustion and bliss. It’s a roller coaster. When Rita and Jen came for our baby girl’s photo shoot, I was nervous Makenna would cry through the whole thing, or maybe I would. But Rita and Jen walked in with all of their positive, easy going energy to put us immediately at ease. They were able to catch the essence of my family in these photos, without the awkward feeling you typically get in portrait photo shoots. We are in love with the work they did: the photos and the experience. Thank you, Rita and Jen! You are both incredible!”

I am so blessed to have had Jen photograph my family. She is always lovely to be with, easy going and unobtrusive. I have always felt uncomfortable being photographed, but with Jen it is different. She is so comfortable to be with that it allows my family and I to just enjoy the moment; meanwhile, she somehow manages to capture the most beautiful stills from a chaotic and messy endeavor. My favorite thing about her though, is her ability to capture more than just images, she captures emotions. When I look at this I can clearly see all of the love, excitement, concentration, and goofiness of my girls. I am IN LOVE with the way this day was captured! Thank you so much Jen, you truly have a gift.


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I couldn’t be more pleased with Jen and her work on our maternity photos. I initially saw her work shortly after a friend delivered her baby. I went to her blog and couldn’t get over how intimate and personal the photos felt without feeling obtrusive or staged, I love her style. She has been great to work with and immediately made me and my husband feel comfortable during our session, we were both admittedly pretty nervous. I am still amazed at how she was able to take a dreary day and make us and our house look amazing. We will treasure these photos and look forward to her capturing the moments during and just after our little one arrives, and hopefully as we grow as a family. Thank you, Jen for being fantastic. We love your work!

Jen is warm and personable and truly makes you feel at home in front of the camera. She photographed my family so beautifully and did so with a calm demeanor that really put us at ease. She respected our time during the session and has an exceptional eye for detail. I was so pleased with the care she took to capture our baby boy’s personality…the early months are so special and I can’t imagine having better photos to proudly display now and to reminisce about as the years float by.

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Jen was amazing! She came to our home to photograph our little one’s first birthday. Jen was great with Ainsley and she captured some amazing moments, like some of her first steps. The photos she sent are some of the best we have ever had taken. Jen made us all feel comfortable and even gave some love to our sweet dog. We will definitely be using Jen again! -April Porter

“Thank you for a great afternoon teaching me to photograph my 3 boys in my home! I’ve been the family historian and photographer since our first son was born 6 years ago, and have slowly gained skills with my DSLR camera by reading photography blogs, comparing notes with photographer friends, and lots of trial and error. Our one-on-one time together was a big step in my progress! It was so helpful to see where a professional photographer would take photos in my own home, to see where and how I should position myself, and how I can best use the light in the place where I most frequently photograph my family. It was all so helpful, and as a bonus I have new, beautiful photos of my youngest, most willing model, 12-day-old Asa. Thanks a million, Rita!” Audrey

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