Navi's Engagement Ceremony

"Jen did an amazing job at our engagement ceremony. I looked at numerous photographers in KC but Heirloom really spoke to me and their artistic ability. I am more than happy and beyond pleased with the work. Everyone loved the pictures and Jen did an incredible job at capturing all the beautiful moments. Thank you Jen for being so patient and extremely friendly. We loved having you at our house and I cannot wait for our future photoshoots.

Thank you once again for your beautiful work!" Navi

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Laura & Louie | Kansas City Engagement Photography

"If I could select a higher rating, I would. Rita has been AMAZING from the moment I inquired about availability for our wedding. She's fast to respond and so very personable - she's an instant friend. We met up to make sure it was a "match" and left smiling knowing that our engagement and wedding photos were going to be exactly what we were looking for. Our engagement session was fun and a breeze. My fiancé and I wanted photographs that documented our life and relationship. Rita was on board instantly. We choose our favorite date night restaurant, Pot Pie, and then headed to our old stomping grounds for some local KC photographs and ice cream. The entire session was effortless, it was like catching up with a friend who happened to be taking our photos.

After our session, Rita had a sneak peek on her blog within no time. The photos are gorgeous and capture us perfectly. Rita has a great eye for the perfect shot.

As an art director, I work with photographers regularly. I scoured online portfolios for days until I found Heirloom's website. In my opinion, Heirloom Photo Company is the best option in Kansas City. I would recommend Rita and Jen to anyone!" LauraLaura & Louie | Engagement Session-1

Laura & Louie | Engagement Session-1-11

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Laura & Louie | Engagement Session-1-3

Laura & Louie | Engagement Session-2

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Laura & Louie | Engagement Session-3

Laura & Louie | Engagement Session-1-4 Laura & Louie | Engagement Session-1-6

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Laura & Louie | Engagement Session-1-23

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Laura & Louie | Engagement Session-5

Laura & Louie | Engagement Session-1-12

Laura & Louie | Engagement Session-1-15 Laura & Louie | Engagement Session-1-14 Laura & Louie | Engagement Session-1-16 Laura & Louie | Engagement Session-1-17

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Hannah & Tyler | Engagement Photography

"My fiancé and I just finished our engagement shoot with Rita and we had so much fun! Rita was so laid back and made everything just feel so easy, effortless, and comfortable. She also had a vision for our photos and she knew exactly what she wanted which made it super easy to follow. Most of all, she let us be who we are as a couple for the photos and I am so grateful that when I look back on these pictures, I will see who we are together and not just a beautiful photo (though I will see that too because her photos are amazing). I am looking so forward to seeing our pictures from the e-session, as well as what she will capture on our big day in November!" -Hannah

Hannah & Tyler | Engagement | Heirloom Photo Company-1-8 Hannah & Tyler | Engagement | Heirloom Photo Company-1-4 Hannah & Tyler | Engagement | Heirloom Photo Company-1-18

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