Mike and Lindsey's Virgin Island Wedding

"Going into the experience of planning a wedding, I think “capturing the moment” ranks at the top of the list for many people, myself included. That’s how we get to keep life’s special moments after all! The search for a photographer that meshed well with us, provided an outstanding product, and had the talent of capturing the moment, seemed like a tall order. Looking back on our wedding day now,

I can not imagine surviving this journey without Rita.

When we decided to change up our wedding plans and choose to have a destination elopement of sorts, I was beyond thrilled to hear that Rita was willing to accommodate. Choosing to get married anywhere other than where you currently live is scary!! Especially an outdoor event, with vendors you’ve never met. During all of this planning and prepping, I never once had to worry about what we were getting into with Rita. She was so on top of having details planned out ahead of time. When we were a week out, my now husband and I both were calling/emailing/texting her simultaneously throughout the same day at times. She never once made us feel like we were in the way, or overly anxious, or bugging the crap out of her. The day we left together to travel to our destination, she arrived at the airport on time, well prepared and excited to be there with us! I could not believe how prepared this girl was!! Backups upon backups, for lenses, cameras, packing situations, ANYTHING! I really felt like no matter what, she was going to get these pictures.

I really felt like no matter what, she was going to get these pictures.

For our ceremony, it was our top priority to have something intimate, organic feeling and truly our own kind of fairy tale. I knew Rita’s extreme talent would be perfection (have you seen her work?!?), after utilizing her for our engagement pictures. But I think what I wasn’t even slightly prepared for, was how over the top Rita’s care for us would end of being that day. We decided to travel to the Virgin Islands and have a beach wedding, with just us- no family or friends joining. We knew that was going to put a lot of the tasks the day of onto ourselves but until you actually go through it, there’s no way to describe or plan out every little detail that needs to take place. Had we not had Rita there, I have no clue how we would have gotten it all done. To start the afternoon, she came over at the discussed time, giving us all plenty of time to go over our special memento's we would be incorporating. She helped us to remain calm the entire afternoon, while kindly keeping us on time. When it came time to get dressed and do our official “first look”, I had a minor panic attack and ended up unstringing all 24 (or was it more??) cross sections of looping completely out of my corset dress. Rita took on my “Maid of Honor” roll and looped every last one together, went under my hot dress (yes we got to be real close friends) pinning this and that. All with a smile and an eager attitude to be there for me. Who else can say their wedding photographer would ever even offer to do that?? Let alone, ACTUALLY do it?! Unheard of, I can assure you of that. Our ceremony was magic, and while we had to meet several other new strangers who were our vendors for the hour, it was comforting to now have Rita on our side as an comrade. She turned into our planner, when we needed someone to take the lead. When the ceremony was over, she was continually on the look out for us, asking if we needed more tissues, more champagne, some time alone to soak it all in. We also wanted to make our post-ceremony photo time special, by getting in the ocean and just playing around. Some photographers would have been too worried about getting in the water themselves, but Rita was so thrilled to be apart of the fun! She jumped right in, soaked her entire outfit on our behalf and kept the fun going!

After the ceremony, we had a very quickly approaching dinner reservation and the hotel transport staff was rude and unwilling to work with us. Rita stood up for us, tried to help with all of our evening plans even when it was our own fault for not planning better, and put in the time to make sure our evening was special- in more ways than I initially knew. I swear half of our entire wedding night dinner, all my husband and I did was talk about how amazing Rita was and how everything went so smoothly because SHE was there. I could go on and on about how amazing of a person Rita has been to us, there truly are not enough words of gratitude and thanks to sending to her. I'm hoping my review can act as a testament to her character, her charisma and her passion for not only photography but for people in general. I can assure you, going with any other company would have been a horrible mistake. It takes not only top notch talent, but kindness and consideration to get through something like this. Rita truly is the whole package!!"  Lindsey