Copy of Brooke And Sean | Wedding

"We recently had our wedding and we worked with Heirloom Photography. We had an amazing experience with Rita and Heirloom overall. We had a large wedding with 450 guests and a very large wedding party of over 30. Rita took the time to not only get all the detailed shots which we love and turned out great but she also took the time to work with our entire wedding party and get a bunch of really good shots. We wanted someone who was able to take pictures while we were getting ready and all the way until the end of the night and Rita did this without hesitation working a very long day and keeping a great attitude throughout the entire day. Rita also takes some of the most amazing photographs we have ever seen. Brooke’s number one thing about the wedding she was worried about was photographs to help preserve the memory of the day and Rita went above and beyond. Her photographs are amazing and we are so excited to keep seeing more as she is finishing the editing process. We couldn’t have been happier with our engagement and wedding photos working with Heirloom. We can’t thank Rita enough and would highly recommend her to anyone we know who is looking for a great photographer!" Sean 

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